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Light Comfortable daily silver – Women

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For Woman

Wide Toe Box: Wider toe box to prevent toe squeezing and enhance comfort.

Zero Drop Design: These zero drop shoes provide a natural feel, better impact dispersion.

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Nowadays many people suffer from foot issues, all due to narrow shoes all over the world. We should stand up to change this and benefit our health.
Minimal benefits of a wide shoe:
  1. Better Circulation: Wider shoes provide more space, which can help improve blood flow, reducing the risk of conditions like peripheral neuropathy.

  2. Reduced Friction and Blisters: More space means less friction, lowering the likelihood of blisters and other skin issues.

  3. Pain Relief: They can alleviate pain associated with various foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia, by reducing pressure points.

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Size guide:

Label size(CN) Size(EU) cm Foot length cm
39 40.5 25,6
40 41 26,2
41 42.5 26,9
42 43.5 27,6
43 44.5 28,2
44 45.5 28,9
45 46.5 29,6
46 47.5 30,2
47 48.5 30,9


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41, 42, 43, 44, 45

15 reviews for Light Comfortable daily silver – Women

  1. Pleased most of the time

    Can walk for miles
  2. Anna in the Raw

    As a chef I am on my feet sometimes 16 hours a day! These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned ! Amazing ! 
  3. buckwheatkp

    Love these so much that I bought a second pair! Closest thing I’ve found to bare feet but in a good way. No foot pain and wide enough for my paddles. Light weight, nice heel cushion, and plenty of toe room. Cute shoes for teaching.

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  4. Public Person

    The wide version of these shoes fit great, where others did not.
  5. Jacob Seeman

    Shoes fit well, wide toebox. I like that they are inconspicuous, unlike toe shoes. I wore them to a medium nice dinner with jeans and didn’t look out of place.
  6. Vanessa Gant

    These are so comfy and light. I use them for bike riding and I love them so much. I want them in every color.
  7. Lee C.

    I’m new to the barefoot shoe movement, but so far I’m sold. I wear a sturdy hiking style boot at work and was looking for something less constrained to wear at home. The shoe feels and fits great around the ankle and mid foot, then opens up at the front allowing my toes to move and feel free. I’ve worn them outside in the gravel and field without any obvious pokes or raw uncomfortably. I don’t have wide feet but wear Teva original and flat style flip flops 90% of my time at home. This is my new favorite outside shoe for knocking around and doing projects.
  8. Rosa

    Flexible, great for wide feet, and great quality. I would definitely buy them in other colors.
  9. Piper Christmas

    These have turned in to my go to shoes. The wide toe is perfect for me. I originally go to wear post foot surgery and now I wear them all the time.
  10. April J.

    Very well fitting but not enough cushion post surgery.
  11. Joyous Joy

    These are great sneakers! I love that it does not pinch my toes like tradional sneakers that are pointed at the front.It did take a bit of getting used to, it made me feet like I had on clown shoes at first. Ha! Seriously though, since switching to thise sneaker, I’ve not had any pains on my toes and balls of my feet. I love them so much, that I’ve got 3 pairs in different colors.The insoles are cushioned but not enough for my heals(only complain) so I just purchased a separate insert and haven’t had a problem.
  12. alex howell

    Really comfortable to wear, not as supportive as I needed for long walks but great for shorter outings. True to size fit.
  13. C. herbig

    Great fit and great quality.
  14. kim

    Very comfortable. Wide toe base, which l need. Use for workoutsWalks or just with jeans Ordering another pair
  15. Kelsey T

    Definitely not the most stylish but I can feel the difference walking.
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