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Light Comfortable daily black – Women

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For Woman

Wide Toe Box: Wider toe box to prevent toe squeezing and enhance comfort.

Zero Drop Design: These zero drop shoes provide a natural feel, better impact dispersion.

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Nowadays many people suffer from foot issues, all due to narrow shoes all over the world. We should stand up to change this and benefit our health.
Minimal benefits of a wide shoe:
  1. Better Circulation: Wider shoes provide more space, which can help improve blood flow, reducing the risk of conditions like peripheral neuropathy.

  2. Reduced Friction and Blisters: More space means less friction, lowering the likelihood of blisters and other skin issues.

  3. Pain Relief: They can alleviate pain associated with various foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia, by reducing pressure points.

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Size guide:

Label size(CN) Size(EU) cm Foot length cm
39 40.5 25,6
40 41 26,2
41 42.5 26,9
42 43.5 27,6
43 44.5 28,2
44 45.5 28,9
45 46.5 29,6
46 47.5 30,2
47 48.5 30,9


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41, 42, 43, 44, 45

20 reviews for Light Comfortable daily black – Women

  1. TomTom

    Got these shoes today and they are definitely a wide foot shoe. What I like about these they look like a pair of vans. And we all know vans and wide feet don’t mix.
  2. Amazon Customer

    Comfortable and cute even with the wide toe box. Could wear the shoe without having to break them in like most shoes. Great for casual wear. Not recommended for a hiking shoe as would need more support for that. Bought 2 pair.

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  3. Someone else

    I love these shoes. The only shoes I can find that give ADEQUATE space for the toes like the feet are supposed to have! My daughter has bunions. I bought a pair for her, and she finally has adequate room as well! She likes to wear them with fuzzy toe socks. She wears toe separators when she isn’t wearing them. Her toes are finally gaining more mobility. I am loyal to this brand – Hobibear!
  4. Ana I.

    They are very comfortable and spacious.
  5. Kelly L. Morse

    The perfect shoe for “bad” feet. Wide toe box for those miserable bunions, lite and soft, and stretchy fabric for painful arthritic feet. I have these in Black and Taupe…love them.
  6. J. Blair

    These shoes are great, cheap, wide shoes. I ordered two pairs and I’m going to order a lot more.I’m a woman that wears 4e wide shoes. It’s nearly impossible to find shoes under $150…. Even crappy shoes. I was so excited to find these.They have zero support, but I experienced relief in a day. My duck feet finally have enough room to spread. It feels almost as good as going barefoot. Zero pain after a day of wearing them.My only complaint/suggestion is that I hope they come out with a slightly wider shoe – this shoe is almost perfect, but I could use another quarter inch of width.

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  7. R. Mitchell

    Much like the other reviews, I decided to use this less expensive barefoot shoe as my introduction to barefoot shoes and I am very happy with my purchase! I’ve seen a lot of ads for barefoot shoes and just can’t be on board with spending over $100 to see if I’m comfortable with barefoot shoes. So along came these bad boys! They are very comfortable! I am normally a size 8.5/9 in US women’s. My Birkenstocks are a size 38.5. I actually bought the 8 and 9 bc my feet aren’t particularly wide and I didn’t want the size 9s to be too big. I went with the size 9. Plenty of room for my toes to move without hitting the end of my shoe while I walk.

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  8. Karon

    These shoes are unbelievable. Very comfortable and I love the wide toe box. I wasn’t looking for much arch support so this was the perfect answer. If wearing all day while standing, I would suggest a foam insert but as the name implies, these are barefoot, minimalist shoes. This worked so well for me while battling planter fasciitis.

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  9. Marina Ross

    This is my second pair of these shoes. They have a wide and deep toe box and accommodate my painful hammertoes better than any shoes I have worn. As a plus, they also look great! I am very pleased with this purchase.

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  10. Kimberly A. Kaminski

    After trying to find a vans lookalike but in barefoot shoes I have finally succeeded! I bought the black with white laces and am so happy with them. I had previously bought the same type of look from other companies and after multiple returns I’m happy and so are my feet. True to size and sooooo comfortable. Will buy more in different colors. Don’t hesitate to purchase.
  11. humberto arreola

    Bought these for our 11 year old, he liked them but he doesn’t care for shoes with laces, “too much work” 🙄, fortunately my wife and him eat the exact same size these days so he took her water shoes which he loves, and she took these ones and she absolutely loves them. Her words: “They are light, soft and breathable, and they hold my foot well while allowing my toes to move freely, I love them and the next time I need shoes, I’ll be getting these, maybe I’ll try the leather ones too”

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  12. kenna sue adkins

    So comfortable, this is my second pair, I’m so glad I found these
  13. nh

    Quality is apparent in the stitching and fabric softness. The sole and insert are flexible and give the minimal cushion you want. I was not expecting this after years of wearing Lems, a much more expensive brand (nearly 3x the cost of these). Either brand will wear quickly with the shallow tread so why pay more. I actually prefer this simple look to most of what Lems has. I did need to size up half a size from my normal US shoe size, even after following the size guide. May order different colors of these at this price point.

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  14. Haley Nate

    I usually wear an 8.5 and I ordered a 9. They’re a little big, bit otherwise fit perfect! The insoles were comfortable the first day wearing them but wore out quickly so I just put in some new ones. I love the look and the fit and I plan on getting another pair in another color

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  15. T. J. Gregory

    Love the wide toe box.They are the perfect comfort and size. They are Lightweight and perfect for every day use.
  16. Barbara S.

    These are not what I would call pretty shoes, but they are not ugly. They are well made. They fulfill their design purpose of giving toes room to spread. I do wish the toe box was more round instead of having a slight slant toward the pinky toe. But as my daughter said, “Maybe they were afraid it would too much like clown shoes.” Maybe she is right. So far, I have only worn them a little in my house. I can’t wear them outdoors on my farm very well. I got them more for going to town. Now if I could just find mud boots in this shape. I will order more. I was thinking of white and changing the laces to some pretty color.

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  17. Damilla

    I would purchase again! These shoes are so comfortable that I forget I have shoes on!

  18. Мартин

    I ordered these with low expectations. I can never find shoes that are wide enough. I have a bunion and have one leg longer than the other so I needed to put a riser in the right shoe. All this makes shoe shopping miserable. These came and it was amazing. They are the perfect width. They seem quality made. The top of my foot isn’t bunching up on the shoe and they are not killing my feet. I ordered a second color because I was so excited to have shoes that finally worked. They do take a bit of time to adjust to but honestly, that was about 15 minutes wearing them in the house. I have walked a lot in these and they have held up well. I plan to order more colors. Highly recommend these. I can’t say enough good things about them.

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  19. Skye Berman

    Listen, I don’t generally write reviews but if you have ever felt constricted or unbalanced, get this shoe. It allows you to open your foot up to get some good stability and it’s so
  20. Gayla

    I purchased these to wear for the gym and CrossFit. As someone who wears a women’s 7.5EE I have a really hard time finding shoes. These fit great. Plenty of toe room with no breaking in required. I prefer the leather material 🙂
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